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FRXN in a nutshell:

Our club started at 2011 Tahko MTB event witch takes place at the Tahko ski center in eastern Finland. Lauri and Ari were at the top three at the standings. Too bad it was the top bottom three. Niko, who is our only true athlete, finished the 60 km course about two hours faster. But we still let him be a part of the team because he’s our friend.

We are obese and bad riders who tend to put the gear to the limits. Mainly the reason for the blog was to start writing about riding badly. Because that’s something  the only thing we’re good at. Our normal ride includes tire punctures, crashes, bruises and way too often broken bikes. In a way you could compare us to the Dudesons, or the Jackass, but we do the same stupid shit on bikes and unintentionally.

Most of the blogging is done in finnish, but  we try to please our international fans also. Check out the international category. In Facebook you’ll find more photos and videos.

That’s our team in a nutshell. Please enjoy the ride 🙂