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Talvipyöräilyä Kanariffalla

Ilmatieteenlaitos lupaa kahta lämpöastetta ja vesisadetta. Aika siis sanoa heipat Suomen ”neljälle vuodenajalle” ja tehdä aikahyppy suoraan alkukesän ilmastoon. Pyörä siis pakettiin ja Helsinki-Vantaan ja Berlinin kautta Teneriffalle.

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Lomalla Lefkaksella ja myös maastopyöräilemässä

Vaimo varasi helmikuussa matkan Lefkakselle ja touko-kesäkuun taitteessa suuntaisimme perheen voimin matkalle. Varauksen jälkeen aloin tiirailemaan, josko saarella olisi pyöräilyaktiviteetteja tarjolla, koska Aurinkomatkat kovin niitä kohdeoppaassaan mainosti. Googlaamisen jälkeen löytyi mielenkiintoinen sivu Get Active Lefkas . Pikainen katsaus sivuihin tuotti mieluisan tuloksen. Kyseinen yritys toimii matkakohteessamme Nidrin kylässä ja järjestää ohjattuja maastopyöräilyretkiä eri tasoisille ajajille sekä vuokraa maantiepyöriä. Maastopyöriä yritys ei vuokraa. Yritystä pitää mukava brittiläinen pariskunta Simon ja Lucy Atkinson yhtiökumppaninaan Simon Towner. Yritys on perustettu 2012. Get Active Lefkas järjestää eri tasoisia maastopyöräretkiä perheretkistä extreme retkiin. Retkien tasoluokitus on kuvailtu yrityksen nettisivuilla. Continue reading

Alppikierros 2014

Terveppä terve!

Pidettiin maailmanluokan möte ja veivattiin kasaan jo perinteeksi muodostunut Alppiretki vuosimallia 2014. Viime vuosien kokemusten perusteella haluamme tällä kertaa kutsua mukaan kaikki tutut ja tuntemattomat. Ryhmässä on kivempaa! Isolla porukalla on helpompi jakautua ryhmiin jos jotkut haluaa laskea eri ränniä kuin osa porukasta. Failin porukkaa lähdössä on 5 hlö (Ilekin luetaan jo henkilökuntaan 🙂 ) Continue reading

Passportes du soleil 2013, part 6

Passportes du soleil is over and we’re back home. Four days of hard drin.. driving at the finest environment bikes can access (with chair lifts of course) is done. All three of us managed to run the trails without any major accidents.

The tour of Passportes du Soleil was once again the major MTB event for our team this year. About 100 km of alpine trails (and lifts) ran under our wheels and we returned back home safe and sound.

The missing blog parts 2-5 will be published after we get our heads together about what happened and of course edit the 90 Gt of video and photo footage we managed to record on our way. In the mean while, check out our Facebook page for some random photos and other stuff.

Passportes du soleil 2013, part 1

Here we are again, Helsinki airport and three tired guys with cardboard boxes full of bike parts and gear. After rather eventful evening we are finally ”ready” to start our trip.

Last night Ville decided to do some last minute tuning and add tubeless sealant to his tyres. Little did he know that his tyres were not tubeless ready so Lauri and Ville went over to our trusted vendor Mikko at Pyorahuolto  to buy some proper rubber to his wheels. Mikko promised to keep the shop open for some extra time, so that our heroes could make it.

On their way home Ville noticed he had puchased wrong kind of tyres… And that’s how the journey begins! After that Ville managed to trash his transmission and chains, but that is a whole new story.

The trip looks very promising and more disasters are highly likely, so stay tuned. Lots of updates also on the Facebook so keep following us!

Hostage situation – Episode 2

Beer case as a hostage

Check out the first episode first!

Thank you all for the support against the evil Mr Super-Pro-Photographer-Andersson! Unfortunately the he has not yet delivered the photos. And therefore we must sacrifice another hostage…


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Hostage situation

Beer case as a hostage

It all started on one fine late summer afternoon. Our dear friend, Chuck Norris of paintball photography, Jani ”Grande” Andersson agreed to come and have a photo shoot session with FailReaction. As a compensation for Mr Andersson’s efforts FailReaction agreed to provide him a case of finest finnish beer.

After two months Mr Andersson has not yet delivered us the photos he owe us. To disclose the seriousness of the situation FailReaction has taken the beer case as a hostage.


To support us on this matter, please feel free to send Mr Andersson tons of Facebook friend requests, messages, cuddly toys or what ever you can think of that will help us acquire our photos! And of course show us your support by liking FailReaction on Facebook.

Big thanks!

All the episodes:

Episode 2

No news is news, right?

Well I guess we suck at blogging too. Were too lazy to write in english but my excuse is that we only have one foreign fan in our Facebook.  Maybe if we get another one we’ll write more 🙂

Alpine attack to the Passportes du Soleil


Phew! I made it! Here I am at the airport waiting for the flight to Geneva. It took me 4 hours to pack my stuff and I have no clue what I’ve missed. But I am pretty sure it is somethin crucial. I just hope that i have enough gear to build a decent running bike and mayde some riding gear for me…

Let’s see how it goes!

Owning the Passportes du Soleil 2012

Since we’re hitting the Alps next weekend and becoming an international MTB celebrities, I tought it would be reasonable to do some bloggin in english (or at least something that reminds of english, so sorry about my bad grammar).

So it’s only seven days to the big thing! Passportes du Soleil is by far the biggest biking related event we have ever done so I guess we’re little bit exited 🙂 We’re flying to Geneva on thursday morning and we’ll pick up our rental car from the airport. The drive down to our base camp Les Gets should be only about an hour, but since it’s us, I’ll guess we will arrive to our hotel just in time to have some breakfast.

FailReaction (on this event Lauri and Ari) will participate the event on friday. I am not too comfortable with the fact that airlines tend to lose some luggage, and because we have our own rides with us, it might be a bit risky to take the event right next day as we fly in.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we get our Pivots with us right away.

Passportes du Soleil event is on for the whole weekend so after we ride the course on friday, we’ll have two full days to wander around the expo area. After that the plan is to ride the trails for the following days and duration of our stay will be 5 days + travels. Hopefully we get to ride atleast 200km of trails, but again it’s us, so I guess it’ll be about 15 km after we break either our bikes or ourselves.

Our preparations are late as you would expect from us but we’ll make sure that the FailReaction skull logo will be remembered by every participant of the event! You have been warned! But now is time to celebrate midsummer and on sunday we will begin packing. There’s more to come so stay tuned!

Happy midsummer evripadi!

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